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2017-04-22 06:25 am

I just want to know....

... what stoop-shouldered, lame-brained, witless slug of a moron ... Read more... )
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2017-04-13 06:53 pm

Importitude Success!

Apparently it worked. So I'm here now. Just need to give LJ a dead-end email address.
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2017-04-09 08:43 am

Well, the import failed

Not that I'm surprised. This sort of thing never works for me. However, I'll archive my LJ so I have it and move on from here.
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2017-04-05 12:54 am


Attempting to import from LJ to here, after which that journal goes on the shitter.

I suppose you can't expect much for nothing, although we had a good thing going for a couple of decades.
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2017-04-05 12:43 am

Here's what I saw in the new TOS ....

"The Administration may send to User information related to the Service as well as third-party advertising using the email address provided by User."

"May"? The company "may" start emailing me ads? Gee, I'm sure that will NEVER happen.

Pardon me while I change my email addresses.
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2017-01-22 11:51 am

I hate computers, I loathe computers, I despise computers

Any geeks out there know of a good, simple (it doesn't have to be free) software that will allow me to share files between my two computers. I cannot network them together for some reason, no matter what I try (although they used to be networked together - Windows 10 eliminated that).

I don't want cloud, I don't want remote control - I just want to share files between them.

Anyone who has a program that does this, please advise.

God almighty. Why is this so difficult in 2017?
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2016-12-03 10:46 am
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2016-11-11 06:42 pm

(no subject)

This is one bleak, black fucking week.
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2016-10-01 07:44 pm

Dang it, people (that is, writers):

Please archive your stuff. Think of the readers.

Just sayin'. I know some folks don't want to, but when I think of the good stories that fade away not because the authors don't want them out there, but because they forget or whatever, it makes me sad.
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2016-09-23 07:42 pm

Okay, my living room

Such as it is. :-)

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2016-07-09 03:19 pm
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The (grammar) bitch is back ...

I'm reading quite a bit of fanfic right now and although I am enjoying it, I've got to gripe:

The noun is exhalation or inhalation. Exhale and inhale are verbs. For fuck's sake, don't they teach kids anything in school any more? Is this like "That was a hard ask," which I keep seeing in formerly legitimate newspapers where people who are not illiterate would have written "That was a hard question"?

Sam Waterston did a Calvin and Hobbes about "verbing" language, but I thought it was a joke.

OK. I feel better. Thank you for listening (assuming someone is). As ever, anyone who wants to post a pet grammar peeve here is welcome to do so - I always find them interesting.
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2016-04-09 01:15 pm
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A thought that could also be a question for other writers

Given the upsurge in readership post-movie, I find it feels really odd to me to think of people reading my stories and picturing the movie-verse guys in them. I can't even imagine it - not having seen the film I can't see those actors/characters at all, let alone in my stories - but considering the possibility is really weird.

Am I the only one who thinks about that?
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2016-03-25 08:11 pm

Um ...

Everything on LJ is now in Russian. Or else I've had a stroke ...
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2015-12-25 12:23 am

Merry Christmas!

Since I'm awake (thanks, menopause :-/).

Happy holidays to all who celebrate (and, heck, happy days to those who don't) and wishes for a good 2016.
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2015-08-29 09:00 am
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Sudden "rush" of readers for my stuff on AO3. Curious to think I'd be benefiting, so to speak, from the new movie, but I have to assume that's what it is. Anyone else seeing an increase in readership action?
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2015-07-30 08:06 am

Am I the only one ...

... who just hates "Cowboy"?

Not least because the Napoleon I'm familiar with isn't one.

Oh well.